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Franc Agreements


Meeting the expectations and demand for legal services in the field issued on October 3, 2019 of the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding loan agreements indexed to foreign currency (mainly the Swiss franc) The Law Firm has prepared a legal assistance for borrowers. Assistance is provided in the field of:

The CJEU ruled that in foreign currency indexed loan contracts concluded in Poland, unfair contract terms regarding exchange differences cannot be replaced by general provisions of Polish civil law. – If, after the unfair terms have been removed, the nature and main subject- matter of those contracts may change to the extent that they would no longer be indexed to a foreign currency while being subject to an interest rate based on the rate in force for that currency, Union law does not stand in the way of cancellation of those contracts.

This gives you the opportunity to apply in the Court for cancellation of the contract or to demand the omission of that so-called forbidden clauses in the agreement regarding illegal indexation.