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The Offer for Companies

Being a modern law firm, which is aspiring to provide legal services to entrepreneurs at the highest level, we are aware of the importance of understanding our clients’ business. When providing legal assistance to companies, we always take into account the specifics of the industry in which the entity operates, so that the service which we provide protects the
interests of the entrepreneur. We believe that understanding the specifics of the field in which business is conducted allows us to provide legal services to our clients in the most optimal way.

We provide comprehensive legal services for business entities (self- -mployment, civil law partnerships, commercial law companies). The basis of cooperation is a permanent service contract or a one-off order. Activities are performed on the basis of an order submitted orally, by phone or in writing, including via e-mail.

In addition, for entities conducting business activity, both entrepreneurs entered in CEIDG and commercial law companies entered in the National Court Register (KRS), apart from ad hoc assistance, we have prepared an offer of legal packages. At the same time, we provide the ability to adjust a particular offer to meet individual customer needs.

Proposed packages:

  1. The ‘Your Business’ package – is addressed to business entities for which constant contact with a lawyer and ongoing problem solving are important. As part of the package, we provide an unlimited amount of legal advices by phone, e-mail or in person in our offices.
  2. The “Your Business Plus” package – is an extended version of the “Your Business” package. In addition to unlimited amounts of legal advices by phone, e-mail or in person in our offices, it also includes pre-court debt collection from our clients’ contractors. We also provide the opportunity to analyze the documents sent to us and create legal opinions on a given issue.
  3. The “Lawyer for the company” package – includes the on-call time of our lawyer at the company’s headquarters on days and hours according to the needs of our clients. In the case of this service, our lawyer will monitor our client’s legal situation on an ongoing basis, provide legal advice to the client and its employees (excluding labor law), prepare legal opinions and give opinions on documents. The advantage of this package is also constant contact with our office and solving current problems outside of on-call time at the client’s premises.
  4. The “Debt Collection” package – this offer of our law firm is addressed to those entities which, due to the specifics of their activities, need constant legal service in the field of debt

Recovery from their debtors. This package, as one of the few on the market, ensures debt recovery both at the pre-trial stage as well as conducting court proceedings for payment. After obtaining information about the debtor from the client, our law firm ensures debt collection on behalf of the client at every stage, including at the stage of bailiff enforcement.

The Law Firm has prepared a free newsletter in which the latest changes in the field of broadly understood business law will be published. The newsletter and its subsequent publications will be sent to your e-mail addresses at your request.

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