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The Range of Services

The Law Firm provides legal assistance in many areas of law. The spectrum of cases handled by our Law Firm is wide – from civil, family, economic, administrative to criminal and fiscal cases.

As a law firm, we conduct in all our offices different case e.g. cases for payment, divorce, division of property, inheritance, unjust enrichment, criminal fraud, theft, murder, fencing, traffic accident.

Our lawyers in Wrocław, Warsaw, Opole, Kluczbork and Namysłów also deal with business matters, such as company registration, legal advice on investments or ongoing legal services for the client’s company.

You can read more about the scope of cases conducted by the Law Firm below.

Important: We provide legal assistance to individual clients as well as to business entities in need of legal assistance.

We also provide permanent legal services at the client’s premises.

The scope of provided legal services includes:


  • preparing procedural documents - lawsuits, applications, appeals, complaints about the unlawfulness of a final judgment, applications for resumption of proceedings,
  • representation in court including the Supreme Court,
  • preparing and reviewing draft contracts, termination of contracts, forced fulfillment of contractual obligations - advance payment and contractual penalties,
  • handling payment cases,
  • compensations (more in the compensations tab),
  • protection of personal rights,
  • legal protection of the image,
  • pre-trial proceedings,
  • land and mortgage register proceedings,
  • summoning for a settlement attempt and mediation proceedings,
  • preparation of pleadings and representation in proceedings to secure claims/enforcement proceedings
  • divorce,
  • separation,
  • division of assets,
  • maintenance,
  • deprivation and limitation of parental responsibility,
  • determining parental responsibility,
  • denial of fatherhood and motherhood,
  • establishing contacts with the child,
  • cases of incapacitation.
  • ongoing support of entities conducting business activity,
  • entity registration in the National Court Register (KRS),
  • commercial contracts,
  • creation, division, merger and transformation of companies,
  • preparing draft contracts, statutes, regulations and other acts regulating the functioning of business entities and its bodies,
  • representation in court, administrative and arbitration proceedings,
  • debt collection and its monitoring,
  • negotiations,
  • bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings,
  • preparation of managerial contract projects,
  • public procurement law.
  • medical malpractice,
  • medical processes in civil, criminal and disciplinary proceedings,
  • comprehensive legal service for Health Care Facilities,
  • solving legal problems - doctors, nurses and midwives,
  • establishment and legal service of individual medical and nursing practice,
  • patient rights.
  • restructuring and privatization of Health Care Facilities.
  • defense in criminal proceedings, including criminal tax ones,
  • acting as a representative of the injured party / subsidiary prosecutor,
  • representation in preparatory proceedings (investigations),
  • drawing up private and subsidiary indictments,
  • enforcement proceedings (e.g. postponement of execution of a sentence, interruption in execution of a sentence, conditional early release),
  • misdemeanor cases
  • criminal fiscal cases.
  • protection of works, computer programs, databases,
  • comprehensive consultancy in copyright transfer agreements and license agreements,
  • protection of rights in the event of infringements of exclusive rights - we respond in the event of infringements of rights, we represent clients in relations with infringers, and before courts in criminal and civil matters,
  • service of internet portals - including consultancy in the scope of purchasing, selling and transferring rights to entire websites and their parts,
  • developing and implementing comprehensive concepts in the field of electronic content management - including the effective acquisition of rights and the use of user generated content, implementation of e-book distribution systems, data storage in a cloud computing; implementation of external partners on VOD technology websites,
  • consultancy for the editor - we advise on fair use and safe use of other people's materials in their own activities,
  • securing rights to the effects of creative activity at the stage of investment agreements
  • we advise on how to effectively acquire rights to works and how to protect them, starting from the idea and business concept stage,
  • creating optimal relations with employees in the field of acquiring copyrights,
  • conducting trainings in the field of copyright,
  • advice on matters related to the protection of the image and violation of personal rights.
  • representing parties in proceedings involving public administration bodies and administrative courts,
  • preparing and lodging appeals against administrative decisions,
  • preparing a complaint to the Supreme Administrative Court
  • transmission easement,
  • road accidents - pursuing claims from insurers,
  • medical errors,
  • violation of personal rights,
  • wrong administrative decisions and inactivity of administration,
  • non-performance or improper performance of the contract,
  • non-contractual use of real estate,
  • accidents at work,
  • termination of employment against the law,
  • press law.
  • recovering debts from the debtor,
  • legal protection of the debtor.
  • legal assistance in organizing the construction process, preparing construction works contracts, with particular emphasis on their functioning, nature and various construction options,
  • preparation of contracts including FIDIC terms,
  • legal assistance in order to obtain the licenses and permits required by law of state administration bodies related to the construction process, including legal assistance in activities related to determining development conditions, obtaining building permits, planning and spatial planning issues,
  • assistance to clients in negotiations.