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As a socially responsible company, with misunderstanding the information about emerging attacks on people working in healthcare
( https://wiadomosci.radiozet.pl/Koronawirus/Gliwice.-Hejt-i-akt-wandalizmu-wobec-pielegniarki.-Zniszczono-jej-samochod ), we will provide legal assistance to all health professionals, irrespective of profession and function, until further notice. It doesn’t matter if you need help and you are a doctor, nurse, paramedic or service worker. Each of these person, who in these difficult times in any way supports the health service, requires the highest recognition and thanks. Our Law Firm would like to repay you for your efforts and heroism.

Please spread this information and report to us all interested in help, regardless of the nature and type of the case (not even related to legal problems caused by the epidemic).