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Let justice be done, though the world perish

Our motto “Let justice be done, though the world perish” is the leading idea for our lawyers.

We handle all matters so as to win them and achieve a satisfactory solution for our clients.

Advocate Łukasz Buczko is the owner of our company. The team of experienced lawyers has been working under his leadership. The team is connected not only with passion and commitment to the assistance which is providing, but also with continuous deepening of knowledge, professional development and gaining experience. These features allow reliable legal assistance to anyone who needs it.

For us, every customer is equally important and every matter also absorbs our attention. We are proud to indicate that our commitment and professionalism are appreciated by clients who recommend us further, saying that if you want a good lawyer in Wrocław, Warsaw, Opole, Kluczbork or Namysłów – so there will be only one choice: Kancelaria Adwokacka Advocate Łukasz Buczko.

Wroclaw lawyer. The main office of the Law Firm is located in Wrocław. However, we also have branches in Opole, Kluczbork and Namysłów where we meet with clients providing legal advices and taking care of matters. We would like to point out that, always trying to be flexible in relation to the needs of our clients, it is possible to meet at their headquarters, place of residence or other previously agreed place, not mentioned above.

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The Office Wrocław

tel. 505 828 413 wroclaw@kancelariabuczko.pl

The Office Opole

tel. 505 828 413 opole@kancelariabuczko.pl

The Office Kluczbork

The Office Namysłów

tel. 505 828 413 namyslow@kancelariabuczko.pl